how it all began

     We, Deb and Jessica, first met in 2006 when our boys were in the same first grade class together in Wauwatosa. We got to know each other over the next few years through various school activities and girl’s outings.
     Everyone always asks us if we have worked in retail before, and the answer is “No.” Deb has a finance background in the car business and Jessica is a Speech Therapist. When the economy started to turn sour, Deb’s industry was hit hard and she felt the impact from it.
     We were both ready for a change of pace…an adventure… maybe a midlife crisis!
     On one particular night in a friend’s backyard during the summer of 2008, an idea was sprouted. While sitting around the fire pit with friends and beverages, Deb said she wanted to open a franchise, and encouraged me to join in with her.
     Deb was interested in starting a Dinners by Design in Wauwatosa - a franchise that allowed you to prep meals to freeze and use later. This business eventually tanked not too long after that night which was a good thing since I wasn’t interested in this venture.
      But Deb kept throwing ideas out there regularly. She would track me down on the playground and say, “What about this idea?” Nothing appealed to me until she chimed, “I have it, a teen consignment shop!
      Deb was a frequent shopper of Playroom Closet in West Allis, and she explained that there were only stores like this for small children and women. So we began our research by visiting other consignment stores, talking to the owners, and putting our ideas together.
      After hours of trying to come up with a name, we agreed on U-Turn and the design with the idea of teenagers in mind and also to reflect the concept of recycling. As we started collecting inventory, we quickly realized that is was easier to get women’s clothing and accessories - let’s face it, we do most of the shopping!
      So in May of 2009 we opened our doors! We have evolved to carry almost all women’s fashions, but do get things that appeal to teens. We also have Harley, maternity, and a rack or two for men…sorry fellas!
      We have enjoyed getting to know so many wonderful and interesting consignors and customers. We hope to meet many more people over the years to come and appreciate your patronage!

The ladies of U-Turn,
Jessica and Deb